The company has been focused on continuous improvements to the production process, as well as broadening the product range and has targeted its investments towards enhancing production technologies. Cost-effective production and continuous R&D activities have enabled the company to remain competitive and gain reputation in the field.

We are one of the few companies on the EU market, who produce pressed boxes for exhaust systems in-house. The pressed box muffler’s benefit lies in the optimized noise and back-pressure, keeping your car in the prime condition, as well as technical measures, such as meeting the ideal capacity and best-fit. The in-house production helps us supply high-end long-lasting exhaust systems, for an affordable price.

Automation is key in a stable and excellent production quality. We use automated 2D and 3D laser cutting, robot welding machinery, hydraulic presses and other extensive unmanned processes, to advance our production speed and standards.

In addition we have a new measuring machine Tubeinspect P16.2, which stands for efficient quality assurance in tube manufacturing and can be deployed as an optical tube measuring system and programmable optical gage. We have implemented it in the production cycle, to improve the time for setting up and correcting bending programs as well as reverse engineering of sample tubes and initial sample testing.

We are always innovating new parts for different makes and models.

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